Kitchen Remodeling Tips
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Kitchen Remodeling Tips

If you are looking for kitchen remodeling tips, read on and learn more. Articles321 are passionate about remodeling and these tips will help you focus on practicality and visual functionality.

Kitchen Remodeling

During a kitchen remodel you should think of things that may go wrong as well as things that will go well.  Here are a couple of tips to avoid problems when remodeling your kitchen.

Maintain Your Budget

Make a decision if a low, medium or high-end kitchen remodel makes sense. Costs can run the range from $1,500 for paint and hardware upgrades to $50,000 to install expensive countertops and high-end appliances. Understanding your neighborhood will help keep from overspending – you might not get your investment back installing granite in your tiny starter home – or even worse, underspending. You do not see Formica in high-end homes!

Avoid An Identity Crisis

Every home however unassuming is built in a certain architectural style. Work with your remodel it, not against it. You’ll end up spending too much money and time on a complete overhaul, and you’ll end up with a kitchen that looks like it belongs in someone else’s home!

Keep An Eye On Track Trends

By staying on top of the newest technological trends and developments, you can find less expensive, more environmental-friendly versions of today’s hottest looks.

Keep Your Plumbing

Keep extra cash in your pocket by leaving any pipe-connected elements where they are because moving them in older homes can be very expensive and sometimes impossible.

Floor Plan Thoughts

If your budget allows you to rearrange appliances, think of your floor plan. Does it follow the triangular pattern between the refrigerator, stove, and oven? Is your dishwasher next to the sink? This way you can avoid un-necessary mess.

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Cabinets

If they’re quality wood and still in good shape, consider keeping them. This is one of the first things to check when considering a pre-remodel kitchen because cabinet frames are the most expensive part of the entire kitchen. There are 3 common ways to repurpose and save money; adding new doors and hardware, re-laminating sides and the front of the cabinets, or repainting. Make sure all the cabinets are lightly sanded and cleaned, then have a professional painter come in to spray them.

Think Of New Hardware

Home remodeling stores carry a wide range of door hardware.  Pick pulls and knobs that suit the architectural style. These are an added touch making the whole room pop! Replace and remove any old painted hinges with brand new ones. It might be time-consuming but is also very inexpensive.

Get Free Advice

Home Improvement Centers have free, computer-based design services for help designing your kitchen. These professionals are at the leading edge of today’s remodeling trends and can help with your complete project.

Mismatching Appliances

Get the best attainable faucet, one with a pull-out spray or a gooseneck with a removable head. The difference between good and awesome is only $50 -$75. Stick to one consistent fixture finish because mixed finishes can lessen the value of your work.

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