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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you are looking for bathroom remodel ideas, keep reading to learn more. Articles321 are passionate about bathroom remodeling and these ideas will help you focus on practicality and visual functionality.

Most people probably won’t win the lottery but still desire the finer things in life.  If you’re trying to enhance your home without emptying your pockets these budget-friendly bathroom remodel ideas will surely help!

Completely remodeling, replacing, and resurfacing everything in you master bathroom can easily cost upwards of $20,000 dollars or more.  But you don’t need to break the bank to improve the overall look of your bathroom.

Budget Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you are working with a budget of a $1,000 or less for your remodeling projects, the things you’ll want to focus on are generally cosmetic. These improvements can be new fixtures new paint, or new vanities.

Budget Bathroom Remodel Planning

Before you speak with a remodeling company or head for your local hardware store you’ll need to figure out what your budget is.  It’s always recommended to expect the unexpected and save some of your budget for things that could happen.

Recondition Over Installing New

Replacing tubs or remodeling showers and is great, but very costly.  You can have either of them professionally relined to refresh and renew your shower or tub. Basically, anything made of fiberglass, cast iron, or porcelain can be refinished using the right materials and tools.

When it comes to the shower and sink fixtures this will not be the case and you’ll spend more trying to recondition them.  You can have them refinished but it is a unique service and usually comes at a premium cost.

Refresh Grout & Caulking

Grout and corners may make up a small part of your bathroom’s overall surface area, but they make a big impact.  When they’re grimy it takes away the look of your tile, which can be a highlight of your bathroom.  Replacing worn and old caulking and cleaning the grout makes a bigger visual impact than you could imagine.

Consider Used Fixtures

One way some homeowners save on their bathroom remodel is to buy gently used showers, toilets, tubs, and other fixtures.  Depending on your location you may be able to easily find items you can use on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook groups, and more.  Buying used items saves money when you’re trying to stick to your budget.

Install Eco-Friendly Upgrades

There are low flow toilets, sinks, and shower that can save you money on water in the long run.  In addition, some cities will offer rebates or incentives for installing low flow water conserving appliances. Check with your local EPA office to learn about your local incentives and rebates for installing eco-friendly and water saving appliances.

Fresh Paint Your Bathroom

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to renew, update, and refresh your bathroom during a remodel is to add a fresh coat of paint.  Even if it’s the original color or you choose something new it will improve the appearance of your bathroom and give it new life.

Do Your Demolition

If you have a clear-cut idea of how you want your bathroom; the tools, and the time you can do the demolition yourself and usually saves some money.  If you decide to do your own demolition, ensure you follow the proper safety precautions.  Fiberglass, wood, glass, tile, and other common types of materials you may be taking out can suddenly break.  If you don’t protect yourself, you can be seriously injured by flying debris.

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