Garage Door Won't Open All The Way
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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open All The Way? How To Fix It

If you’re searching for “garage door won’t open all the way”, “garage door won’t open fully” or “garage door opens halfway then stops” – this post will help. Here we will go over the reasons your garage door won’t open all the way and how to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open All The Way

Read below to learn the reasons why your garage door will not open all the way.

Bad Garage Door Logic Board

The logic board in a garage door opener receives the signals from remotes.  If the door isn’t working correctly this electronic control device may need to be replaced.  For older units, it can be more cost-effective to simply replace the opener.  Newer openers are typically quieter, faster, and have new technology like smartphone garage door control.

Faulty Garage Door Springs

One reason your door may not work properly is worn out or broken garage door springs.  If this is the case or you suspect it might be, do not work on the springs yourself.  They are under immense tension and can seriously injure or kill a person if handled incorrectly.

Other Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open All The Way

  1. The photo-eye is blocked out.
  2. The power source may be interrupted or disrupted.
  3. There may be loose or snapped cables.
  4. The level of sensitivity may need adjusting.
  5. The setting of the limit may be off.
  6. The garage door track has become dislodged.
  7. An object or fixture causing a door blockage.
  8. The locking mechanism of the door may be activated.
  9. The switch may have been disconnected

How To Fix Garage Door Won’t Open All The Way

Not all garage door opener repairs require new parts or replacement.  There are times where you can simply move objects out of the way or make adjustments to the opener.

Remove Objects In The Door Path

When your garage door begins to open but stops and reverses the most common and easy to fix problem is objects in the path of the garage door.  Go inside your garage and make sure nothing is near the garage door or the garage door track.  Many garage door systems include lock systems which will prevent the door from opening.  Make sure the door is unlocked before trying to open it.

Adjust The Screws Until The Door Is Set Correctly

Garage door openers are built with a “travel limit” which defines how far the opener will allow the garage door to close so it is flush with the ground.  While it is uncommon for this setting to get accidentally changed it can happen.

On most models of garage door openers, you’ll find limit adjustment screws on the left side of the opener.  Using a flat-head screwdriver adjust these screws until the door is set correctly.  If the door will not open all the way turn the screws clockwise or “up”.  If the door will not close all the way do the opposite and turn the screws counterclockwise or “down”.

Force Adjustment Settings

Garage doors also have a “force setting” that dictates how much pull the opener uses to raise the door.  If the door starts to close but stops and goes back down, increase the force going down.  If the door won’t go more than 5 feet up adjust the force going up to be higher.  Consult your owner’s manual for how to do these adjustments, or call for a garage door opener repair technician.

If these tips haven’t helped you fix a garage door that won’t open all the way, please a professional garage door repair company.  They will come to your home and diagnose why the door isn’t working properly and provide clear and affordable repair quotes.  All professional garage repairs are done correctly, and they will usually offer a warranty on work so you can enjoy peace of mind that the repairs have been done right.

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