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Extending Fuel Range with Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

When you’re search the best way of extending fuel range, this post is for you.  An in bed fuel tank offers you the ability to carry more fuel for your vehicle, recreational vehicles, or even commercial equipment.  When you install a in-bed auxiliary fuel tank switching to your additional fuel is automatic or as easy as flipping a switch.

Carrying fuel cans is dangerous and they can be easily stolen.  Adding an auxiliary fuel tank to your truck is the safest way to carry extra fuel.  Having a truck bed fuel tank with pump makes refueling your ATVs, motorcycles, or other equipment simple, safe, and easy.  If you need space for tools and fuel having an auxiliary fuel tank toolbox combo added solves two problems with 1 great solution.

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Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for Trucks

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks Mesa ArizonaWhen the demands of our driving and towing exceed the range of our factory fuel tank we can become frustrated by having that limitation, especially if our business includes traveling longer distances or far from fuel stations.  An auxiliary fuel tank gives us a solution to extend that range from fill up to fill up.  Sitting in the bed of your pickup truck these tanks supply fuel to your vehicles engine or factory fuel tank.

Benefits Of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

There are a number of benefits to having an auxiliary fuel tank in your vehicle. They can help you get to cheaper gas stations, help you carry enough gas for the projects or activities you need, provide a safer way to carry fuel than plastic fuel containers and even give you a place to carry tools. See below for more specific information for each of the benefits of having an auxiliary fuel tank in your truck.

Financial Benefits of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

With being able to take longer strides between gas station you can be more picky about which ones you stop at and have better flexibility for stopping at the gas station that have better prices for fuel. This is easy with smartphone gas price apps. They can tell you where the cheapest gas is in the towns and cities along your route, and how to get to them. Having the choice of where to stop with longer fuel range helps you have the power to choose. Remote gas stations many times capitalize on the need of gas in these areas by inflating their prices. Having more gallons of fuel on board helps you get to the next less expensive options.

Convenience of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Having a secondary system for storing fuel in the bed of your truck vastly increases the miles you can cover.  And with the extra demand being placed on your truck when it’s towing, you will love having this option to make it to the next town, the next state and spend less time stopped fueling up when you could be getting where you are trying to go.

When you see that you’re factory tank is running down on E, it’s as easy as the flip of a switch to start using the fuel out of your auxiliary fuel tank.

In addition an auxiliary fuel tank can be used to fuel the machinery or generators that you have at your job site, cabin or campsite. They are also great for gas powered recreational vehicles like motorcycles, ATV’s and watercraft. Having your own fuel for your equipment and your recreational vehicles helps avoid price gouges near the parks.

Safety of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Knowing that we are carrying around 2 or 3 times as much fuel calls into question safety, and you can rest assured that with the quality of construction and expert installation that you’re in good hands.  In both heavy duty aluminum or steel options auxiliary fuel tank and toolbox/fuel tank combos are available and meet the D.O.T. requirements for combustible fuel.

Having a metal container that is safely secured in the bed of your vehicle also is more safe than having plastic containers strapped down in the bed, in the trailer, or worse in the vehicle. The fumes from the fuel can cause respiratory issues and having it stored properly helps everyone breath better and have peace of mind.

Toolbox/Fuel tank combos

A combo toolbox/auxiliary fuel tank is the great all in one solution for all your storage needs, while increasing that available mileage between those fill ups. Your tow straps, cables, chains, and tie downs will have a place to sit along with all of your hand tools you might need for the job or to tune up and repair your recreational vehicles as you are on the road.

Steel vs. Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Aluminum costs more up front it but can save you money in the long run if you are going keep your truck in your home, or in your fleet.  Given the lighter weight involved with an aluminum tank it means using less fuel for all those miles that you are going to put on the vehicle.  In addition aluminum is going to weather better and is less prone to rust and corrosion.  The elements and especially if the vehicle is going to be used in an area with a lot of salt on the road, like places near the sea or up in snowy areas that use salt to control snow and ice.

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