Water Damage Restoration Cost Tempe AZ
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How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost In Tempe?

The average cost of water damage restoration in Tempe, AZ, is about $5,100 according to FIXR. Costs for water damage repair ranged from $2,700 to $7,500 in 2018-2019. These figures include water extraction, water cleanup, water drying and decontamination of a 700 sq ft basement.

  • AVG water damage repair cost: $5,100
  • Restoring woodwork cost: $70 an hour
  • Restoration of water damaged wall plaster cost: $18.75 per sq ft
  • Restoration of hardwood floors cost: $10.45 per sq ft
  • Mold Remediation cost: $5.00 per sq ft
  • Backed up sewer pipe cleanup cost: $7 per sq ft
  • Restoring water damaged drywall cost: $1.40 per sq ft
  • Restoring water damaged carpets cost: $5.50 per sq ft
  • Dry out water cost: $3.75 per sq ft
  • Gray water removal cost: $4.50 per sq ft

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