How Much Does Basement Water Damage Repair Cost?
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How Much Does Basement Water Damage Repair Cost?

The average basement water damage repair cost is about $1,000. Basement water damage repair costs range from $500 to $1,500 according to HomeAdvisor. This includes water damage cleanup in a basement with an inch of water. In contrast water clean up for basement drainage repairs will cost up to $10,000.

No matter what the cause for your basement water damage repairs need to be done promptly.  How much it will cost depends on the extend and type of the water damage.  You can imagine that it will cost more to provide water repair damage clean up for a basement that as 4 feet of sewage compared to an inch of water from a pipe.

Basement Water Damage Repair Tips

  • Before you enter a flooded basement, make sure the electricity is turned off and the gas or fuel service are also turned off or safely disconnected. Inspect the outer walls to see if there is damage to the structure or other hazards. it is important to circulate air to position fans into the basement. Once you are safely inside the basement wear the appropriate clothing: Rubber boots, face mask and gloves.
  • Water damages restoration companies usually adhere to the standards of service and care from the Restoration Industry Association or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. A professional will evaluate and inspect the basement frequently utilizing water sensing equipment to discover the source of the problem and the extent of any damage. Usually, the next stage will be to pump out the basement and in doing so remove all debris as well as deodorizing and sanitizing all the affected areas and materials. Specialist equipment may be utilized in including air scrubbers and movers, dehumidifiers and floor drying systems.  This equipment may be used for several days and then the basement will be reinspected and evaluated to measure the progress of the drying. The professional usually documents all damages in writing and will assist the homeowner in their dealings with the insurance company.
  • Walls can buckle if standing water is pumped out from a basement too rapidly. This is because of the pressure pushing in from the surrounding soil that us often water-soaked.
  • All water-damaged, mattesses, rugs, suitcases, furniture made with particle board, etc mist be thrown out. The following key rule from applies: “If in doubt throw it out!”
  • For potential insurance claims and tax deductions, take photos of of any and all damage and keep a record of all the related expenses.

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