Roof Vent Replacement Cost
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Roof Vent Replacement Cost

Replacing a roof vent costs an average of $475 in the U.S. in 2022. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $300-$650 for installation, according to HomeAdvisor. These estimates do include labor costs, but prices may fluctuate based on size, type and total number of units installed. Roofs vents will come in a variety of styles, typically ranging from $10-$500 each or $2-$3 per linear foot.

Average Roof Ridge Vent Costs

Ridge models will run the length of the roof’s peak to allow warm, moist air to escape. Soffit vents, meanwhile, run along the underside of eaves, enhancing airflow since it allows it to enter from the outside. Roof and gable models provide only a single entry and exit point for air. The best system is usually a combination of soffit and ridge units.

Here is a look at the average costs of a roof vent replacement:

  • Lowest Cost: $300.
  • Average Cost: $475.
  • Highest Cost: $650.

Roof Vent Replacement Cost

Roof Vent Replacement Cost Per Foot

Home and business owners should expect to pay between $2-$3 per foot for ridge venting replacements. Ridge venting is generally sold in four-foot sections, costing $8-$12 per section. The average home will need 40-50 feet of material, bringing the total cost between $80-$150. Connector plugs, which may be needed, cost $5-$6. Roofing nails should cost an estimated $10-$15 per bag.

Here is a breakdown of costs:

  • Roof Vent: $2-$3 per foot.
  • Vent For Average Home: $80-$150.
  • Additional Materials: $35-$50.
  • Professional Installation: $45-$75 per hour.
  • Estimated Total Cost: $400-$500.

Ridge Vent Installation Cost

Experienced roofing contractors may charge between $45-$75 per hour for installation. A typical homeowner will pay anywhere from $300-$400 in labor for the entire project. Exact figures may depend on the scope and difficulty of the job. Any project that requires additional repairs or accessibility problems will cost more as the project will take longer.

Ride Roof Vent Replacements

An average replacement costs around $500. The project can cost as little as $300 to replace a section or two, which would include the cost to install/replace shingles, as well. A complete replacement could cost up to $1,200 if your home features a metal roof or there is accompanying roof damage.

Roof Vent Replacement Options

Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of ventilation options for home and business owners:


These units are the most effective passive models, working best when paired with soffit units. Ridge ventilation units will also blend in with the roof and can outlast the roofing system itself. The only downside to ridge options is they are typically more expensive to repair.

  • Material Cost: $2-$3 per foot.
  • Labor: $45-$75 per hour.
  • Total: $380-$550.


Soffit ventilation units will improve ridge, gable and roof vent efficiency and are only visible from below.

  • Material Cost: $2-$10 per linear foot.
  • Labor: $45-$75 per hour.
  • Total: $315-$465.


Gable units are the most affordable option, but they feature only a single point of entry/exit for air flow.

  • Material Cost: $10-$150 per unit.
  • Labor: $70 per hour.
  • Total: $80-$290.


Roof ventilation is one of the easiest units to add to an existing roof as it does not require new shingles. Like gable units, there is only one point of entry for air flow. These units will also require inspection every six months.

  • Material Cost: $10-$500 per unit. 
  • Labor: $45-$75 per hour.
  • Total: $55-$800.

DIY Vs Hiring A Roofing Professional

Because of the expertise installation requires and the level of danger, it’s best to leave this job to the licensed professionals. Opting for professional installation can prevent any future expensive repairs.

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