How to Repair or Replace a Garage Door Panel
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Garage Door Panel Replacement & Repair Guide

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about garage door panel replacement and repair. Determine whether you need garage door panel repair or replacement, how much garage door panel repair and replacement costs, and find the answers to many other frequently asked questions by using this guide.

Can I Replace Just One Panel of My Garage Door?

Yes, you can replace one panel of a garage door as long as it is in good condition and has been maintained properly. If your garage door panels are peeling, fading, rusting, or dented, there is a chance that your garage door panels cannot be replaced and you will have to replace the whole garage door.

Can I Replace Multiple Damaged Sections/Panels on My Garage Door?

Yes, you can replace more than 1 section of a garage door but if you have 2 or more sections that are damaged it will cost more to replace them than to replace your entire garage door. No matter if the middle section is damaged or it’s the bottom panels that need to be replaced, replacing more than 1 section just doesn’t make since when you could have a brand new garage door for the exact same price. Read more about Single vs Sectional Garage Door Panels

Will Replacing Broken/Damaged Garage Door Panels Match My Garage Door Color?

Yes and no. Depending on how old your garage door is, replacing panels might not color match perfectly. Colors might match a little better if you have a newer garage door where the paint hasn’t faded yet. Also, the tricky part about installing new garage door panels is that the sheen doesn’t match as well.

Can I Replace Damaged Garage Door Panels Myself?

Yes, you can replace garage door panels DIY but experts do not recommend it. Often it is the bottom garage door panel that needs replacing due to a car backing out and hitting the panel. The bottom garage door panel is connected to the garage door springs which are under high tension. Any mistake you make while working around garage door springs could result in serious injuries.

Warning Signs You Need to Replace the Whole Garage Door

If your garage door needs several panels replaced, you might need to install a brand-new garage door. There are several other factors that warrant the need for a new garage door including:

Paint Cracking or Peeling on Wood Garage Door Panels

Wood garage door panels need property refinishing every so often to keep them in great shape. The stained or painted finish on wood garage door panels breaks down over time, causing rotting wood. The finish on wood garage doors can also fade or become discolored due to exposure from UV rays. If the wood in your garage door panel is cracked, there is moisture in your door, or there are holes in it, its time for a replacement.

Bent or Sagging Garage Doors

Garage doors made out of wood are known for sagging if they do not receive regular maintenance. If you notice large gaps when your door is closed, that means its sagging and it needs to be replaced. Sagging can also be caused by poorly reinforced automatic garage door opener.

Non-Efficient Garage Doors

Garages were built 15 years ago or older are almost impossible to find replacement panels for. Plus, your old garage door isn’t energy efficient like most of the newer garage doors are. Installing an energy-efficient garage door means you will always be able to find replacement panels, your home will stay more comfortable in the winter/summer, and can also reduce your electric bill.

Where to Find Garage Door Replacement Panels For Sale?

You can find garage door replacement panels for sale on Google or Alibaba. You can also hire a local garage door panel replacement company near you, if you are in the Phoenix area, to provide the service for you. The garage door repair technicians can replace your panels with new garage door panels to match the look of your current garage door.

How Much Does Garage Door Panel Repair Cost?

If you only have a few dings or dents in your garage door that repair might only cost you about $150 to $200.

How Much Does Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost?

On average, garage door panel replacement costs about $500. According to NETWORX, Garage door panel replacement prices range from $250 for a 9’ garage door panel to $750 for a 16’ garage door replacement panels. Replacing 2 garage door panels costs about $1,000, about the same price as replacing your entire garage door. However, we know from experience that most garage door panel replacements only cost about $250 to $400.

How Much Does Garage Door Bottom Panel Replacement Cost?

On average, garage door bottom panel replacement costs about $500. According to NETWORX, Garage door panel replacement prices range from $250 for a 9’ garage door panel to $750 for a 16’ garage door replacement panels. Replacing 2 garage door panels costs about $1,000, about the same price as replacing your entire garage door.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Dented Garage Door Panel?

Small dents, rot, rust or holes in garage door panels can be repaired without replacing. Depending on what wrong with the panel, average prices for repair are $130 for steel door repairs, $190 for wood, $170 for aluminum and $150 for fiberglass.

Garage Door Replacement Panels at Lowes & Home Depot

Looking for garage door panels at Lowes or Home Depot? They do not sell individual garage door panels. They only sell brand new garage doors.

Step by Step Garage Door Panel Replacement

Are you searching for how to replace or repair a garage door panel, because someone ran into your door?  Have you had a kid run their bike into the garage door, or worse have you bumped it with the car?  Don’t stress out, it’s not too hard to replace a damaged garage door panel.

Follow our step by step guide to replacing a garage door panel.  Safety should always be first when working on your garage door as the springs are under high tension and the weight of the garage door can injure you. 

Panel Replacement Step 1. – Finding the replacement

You’re going to have to identify the manufacturer of your garage door.  There are usually labels found on the door where it will tell you which company made it and what the model name or number is.  It’s important to make sure you find the right one because even within a single manufacturer they use varying methods for securing the panels into their doors.

If you’ve got an older garage door and you can’t find a company still selling the panels you need, it’s time to talk to someone about replacement.

Panel Replacement Step 2. – Safety

Once you’ve either gone and bought the correct panels or had them shipped to you, ensuring the safety of your family and yourself takes center stage.  Firstly you are going to want to have the garage door in the down position.  Then you’re going to need to unplug your garage door opener, so someone doesn’t accidentally hit the switch and cause you harm, or even more damage to the garage door.  Once you’ve done that you are going to want to take the tension off the system by removing the springs.

Panel Replacement Step 3. – Panel removal

The first step here is to need to make some room in the garage door system by either removing the top panel completely or use a come-a-long to separate them.  Each panel is secured in two ways, to the guide track using hinge brackets, and to each other using hinges.  Once you’ve got the room to work you’re going to want to unscrew the hinges on the broken panel, or panels and remove it from the garage door.

Panel Replacement Step 4. – New Panel Installation

Now that you’ve got the old panel out you’re going to want to work backward and slide the new panel into the available spot and reattach the hinge brackets and hinges on both sides.  Replace the top panel that you either removed or release the come-a-long nice and slow to ease that panel back into place.  After you’ve got that done you’re going to need to slide the garage door into the open position and reattach the spring.

Panel Replacement Step 5. – Match the new to the old

With sun bleaching and weathering even if you were able to find the same color you had before, invariably you will find that they don’t look exactly alike.  Just be ready for a refinish or repainting so that one of the largest items on the front of your home looks just as good as the rest of the hard work you put into your house maintenance and landscaping.

How To Repair Small Holes, Dents, Rust or Rot On Your Garage Door.

  • Using coarse grit sandpaper you need to continue to sand that area around the hole until you sand down to the bare metal.  For dents or crevices use the corner of the sandpaper to effectively get the paint off.
  • If you’ve got rust you need to get a wire brush and some liquid rust remover.  Apply some rust remover to the area and a little to the brush and scrub the area until the rust is gone.
  • To ensure that the repair is effective you need to use a degreaser to remove any oily residue or dirt.  This makes it so the patch material can bond permanently.
  • Using a putty knife you’ll want to apply a smooth and even layer of the filler over the damage with a putty knife.  Use a little more than it being flush and let it completely dry before moving to the next step.  Read the directions to find out average drying times and take into consideration your humidity and temperature.
  • Get your sandpaper back out and use it to smooth the patch, make sure to remove any dust from the door and ensure there are not any additional holes, if so repeat the previous step and wait till it drys, then sands it smooth and flat.
  • Move on to less coarse sandpaper, a medium grit sanding block will help you get a more smooth patch area, again just ensure that all the dust is removed.
  • Next, you need to use a primer that’s good for rust prevention.  It’s fine to use a spray can get this done.  Just make sure it’s totally dry before you continue.
  • Find some 400-grit dry or wet sandpaper and dip it in water.  Then wrap it around a rubber sanding block and get the area smooth.
  • Finally with the chosen color of rust-inhibiting paint cover the area, or the entire garage door to help it have a matched and perfectly uniform look.

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