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How Much Does Pallet Racking Cost?

On average, a warehouse pallet racking system will cost $225, per pallet position. There is an average price range of $50$400, according to Costowl.

Pallet Rack Costs

The average pricing for warehouse pallet racking systems varies by a lot because there are several different kinds of racks that can be purchased. For example, Storage Equipment Systems currently offers gravity-flow, cantilever, single-deep, double-deep, push-back and drive-in/drive-thru pallet racks. Single-deep racks are generally the most affordable, costing an average of just $65. The gravity-flow racks are the most expensive racks, running from $200-$400, on average.

Of course, customers have the option to add accessories to the racking systems. This will drive up the cost a bit, but some manufacturers/factories may benefit from adding bumper posts or column guards. These will help prevent any damage done by other objects. Posts and guards will cost between $50-$300 each.

Here is a simple breakdown of average costs, per pallet position:

  • Single-deep pallet racks: $50$80
  • Double-deep pallet racks: $80$200
  • Gravity-flow pallet racks: $200$400

All average costs include the price of installation. 

Pallet Rack Types

Here is a list of pallet rack types, offered by Storage Equipment Solutions, Inc:

Gravity Flow Racks

Think of these pallet racks as the most convenient version of the shelving. This storage can be used for pallet loads in an order picking application. They provide a sort of first in, first out rotation of inventory.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are the best racking option for large, oversized products. No vertical supports are featured on these racks, meaning long-length items can fit anywhere. Pipes, tubing or furniture typically stay on cantilever racks.

Single-Deep Selective Racks

By far, single-deep selective racks are the most popular racks used in today’s warehouses. It is the lowest density storage solution, and it provides unimpeded access to all racks. Customization is a benefit with single-deep racks. You can design the racks to work perfectly with any sort of lift truck.

Double-Deep Selective Racks

These pallet racks are set up with one in front of the other. Not as customizable as the single-deep racks, these pallets will require specific lift trucks in order to be utilized efficiently.

Push-Back Racks

This shelving offers significant density, ideal for large facilities. Multiple deep locations offer even more space and access points.

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racks

With its multiple deep configuration, density with these racks is considerable. The most efficient way to utilize this shelving is by emptying it completely before attempting to restock the shelves.

Benefits Of Pallet Racks

Here is a short list of pallet rack benefits:

Efficient Use Of Available Space

By utilizing a pallet racking system will mean more available floor space for other operations, because products can be stored on top one another on different levels of the racks. This show to be hugely profitable for businesses offering delivery and logistic services, because they can store two or even three times the amount of products that they did not having a pallet racking system installed. Accessing the stored product is simple and efficient with the use of a forklift, ridding direct contact with heavier items and decreasing the possibility of accidents.

Safe Work Environment

Pallet racking systems are designed with heavier materials taken into account, so it is guaranteed that they are resilient and only the highest-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of them. Pallet racks provide maximum safety and dependability for workers and inventory, making them a favorable option for every business.

Easy Access to Inventory

Using a forklift, stored inventory can be safely and smoothly accessed and moved throughout the warehouse, increasing efficiency and productivity of your business. The pallet racks are designed to offer both horizontal and vertical storage spaces, enabling forklifts to maneuver more easy.

Lasting Structure

Designed for the purpose for the storage of inventory, pallet racks can handle great weights and impacts, including that from heavier inventory, forklifts, or other warehouse equipment. They are also designed to resist day to day use that is expected around warehouses. We use the highest quality steel for building our racks, making them strong but easily repaired in the uncommon event that they take on damage.

Cost Effective Investment

Whereas renting or increasing warehouse storage would be a massive investment, pallet racking isn’t, making it an economical option to keep your inventory organized. An assortment of sizes and styles, equally old and new, guarantees that you have the most cost-effective options available to choose from for your inventory management needs. The ROI in a pallet racking system is significant, saving your business a lot of money down the road.

Storage Equipment Systems, Inc.

Storage Equipment Systems was established in April of 1982. We are a distributor of warehouse equipment such as pallet racks, shelving, conveyors, dock levelers, and all types of material handling equipment. We have extensive inventory in our Phoenix warehouse, from carts to conveyors, shelving and certainly pallet racks. What differentiates us from our competition is our care and concern for the customer. It’s not just providing the equipment, but providing the right equipment. Contact Storage Equipment Systems for all your needs today!

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