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How Much Does Elevator Maintenance, Repair or Modernization Cost?

The average cost of elevator maintenance is about $370. On average, elevator repair and maintenance costs ranged from $170 to $2,000 in the US for 2019. The most common price range for elevator repairs is from $170 to $600.

  1. AVG National Cost: $370
  2. Typical Costs: $170 to $600
  3. Low Costs: $120
  4. High Costs: $2000

Whenever you are deciding to install an elevator or purchasing a building that has an existing system, one thing that should be considered is the long-term costs that come with the maintenance. Elevator repairs can range between $170 to $600, which can cost an average of $370. The overall price may be as low as $120 or it can be as high as $2000.

If there needs to be a full elevator replacement, then the price could range between $11,000 to $21,000, depending on the number of floors it travels to and the type of drive.

Having regularly scheduled maintenance can help to keep you from having a major fix. This may cost between $220 to $320 a year for semi-annual to annual maintenance. You may also modernize aging elevators which increase the lifespan, update the function and look, and minimize any ongoing repairs. This is cheaper than having a complete replacement.

How Much Does An Elevator Service Call Cost?

The average service call cost for most elevators is around $150. If there are any needed repairs, then the cost of labor to repair the elevator will be around $80 per hour. Then the certification of safety and inspection fee will vary based on the area which comes out to about $200 for an elevator.

Many maintenance companies will be able to handle routine maintenance, inspections, repairs and safety testing. Most manufacturers will recommend using the company that installed the system for repairs and maintenance. There are some companies that are factor authorized and will provide needed repairs using original manufacturer parts.

How Much Does Elevator Modernization Cost?

The cost for modernization will range between $250 to $350 in order to upgrade the railings and fixtures in the cab and between $8500 to $15000 to replace the control system. If your elevator isn’t working right or you want to make it more energy efficient then installing a new piston or motor will cost between $10,500 to $15,500.

There are many benefits for elevator modernization:

  • Minimized vibration and noise
  • Updated feel and look
  • Reduced calls to a service company
  • Improved reliability and safety
  • Smoother ride
  • Faster ride
  • Reduced wait times
  • Improved energy efficiency

If you are considering elevator modernization, read these factors first.

How Much Does Elevator Repair Cost?

  • Motor Replacement: $12,000
  • Piston gripper installation: $15,500
  • Replace controller wiring: $4,500
  • Cab Wiring: $4,500
  • Cab operating Panels: $4,500
  • Traveling Cables: $3,500
  • Piston: $3,500
  • Replace landing entrance doors: $3,000
  • Door hardware (Mechanical): $1,500
  • Door Hardware (electrical): $1,000

Most Common Elevator Repairs & Service Requests

  • Electronic glitches: Newer systems can be outfitted with computerized or automated controls that could have glitches, which interfere with system performance.
  • Drive chain adjustments: This helps to make sure that the chair lift stops, or that the elevator opens at the right place.
  • Seal maintenance and cleaning: this is for pneumatics.
  • Fixing ruptured hydraulic fluid lines within a hydraulic system.
  • Replacement chain for a chain drive system.
  • Replacement cables for a hydraulic system or cable drive.
  • Malfunctioning door operators make up nearly 75% of elevator service requests.

Full Elevator & Part Replacement Costs

Full replacement could cost over $20,000 so it needs to be considered against the expense of any repairs. Depending on the age of the elevator, the continuing maintenance can get expensive. There will be a point, that it will make more sense to replace some major parts instead of repairing them. A new elevator will last up to 30 years. One that has the drive system which is cables, motor and pistons as well as controls replaced will last between 20 and 30 years.

Common Elevator Problems

Elevators are prone to various issues related to the functions. Some of the common issues may include elevator not working, the call box not working, bumpy or jumpy rides, device getting stuck and odd noises. Property owners may even notice that there is high energy use, increased down time and slow operation. Lack of maintenance could increase the frequency of elevator problems and system breakdowns.

  • Stuck on a single level: This could be because the door open sensors are activated when the door closes. Check for obstructions on the sensors.
  • Slowing: Technicians can troubleshoot this.
  • Noise: Service companies are needed to find the cause.
  • Doors: These may get stuck. Make sure that you check for any type of obstruction before you call a professional.

Repair your c elevator with the help of a professional

DIY Elevator Repairs and Maintenance

Elevator Repair

Elevators are complex machines and it is highly recommended that you don’t do any repairs on your own. The repairs should be done by a certified disability services professional. However, there are some things that you can check on your own before you call a service company.

  • Latch for the outer door: This door at the floor exits may be obstructed.
  • Door obstructions: Check the track to make sure nothing is blocking it from closing right.
  • Reset Switch: There may be a built-in switch that can restore power.
  • Check the fuse panel or circuit breaker: You want to make sure there is still power. Some elevators are designed to travel to the bottom floor and open the door using battery power whenever the main power goes out.

Beyond these easy repairs, service companies will need to be called because of safety factors that are involved and specific technical knowledge is needed.

How long will an elevator last?

An elevator can last between 20 to 30 years with routine maintenance.

Things to consider for elevator repairs

When you are investing to fix an elevator, there are a few factors that should be considered:

  • Possible increase in the resale value of the home
  • Peace of mind and increased safety
  • Anticipated length of ownership

Factors that may affect the cost of repair for an elevator:

  • Type of drive mechanism: Hydraulic systems are more expensive than vacuum or pneumatic driven.
  • Number of stops or floors
  • Manual versus automatic door opener

Elevator Insurance and Warranty

Lifts and elevators will normally have a warranty period which is normally a year after the device has been installed where the labor and parts will be covered. This could be followed by another year which the manufacturer will cover the price of the parts, but the owner is responsible for labor.

Lowering the impact of expensive home repairs may often justify the price of home warranties, but you want to check with your carrier to ensure that your lift or elevator will be listed within the warranty. You should also check with your home owner’s insurance to make sure that your lift or elevator is listed within the policy or insurance may not cover replacement or repairs if there is major damage to the unit. Some health insurances and/or Medicare may cover some expense for installing the lift in your home. If your doctor prescribes a lift, then it may be considered to be needed durable medical equipment. Check with your health insurance to see if this would be covered and what part of the price it will cover.

There are many seniors who are looking to spend their retirement years in their current home. You should meet your mobility needs with options that are right for you. There could even be grants available to make the needed modifications to your home.

Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators will have more considerations.

Higher Traffic: This is because it is in a public space and it will normally see more traffic, so they will require more repairs and maintenance frequently.

Regular inspections: The frequency of this may be determined by the state or area you live in, but it is normally done every year. Residential systems may not need an inspection, or it could just need an inspection when it is installed. Check with your local area or call a professional for the needed requirements in your area.

Code Requirements: Whenever it is installed within a commercial or public space, there will be strict building codes and ADA requirements. Upgrades or repairs may be needed to meet these codes. The same type of requirements may not always apply in a residential situation. You should check with a local elevator service company for more information.

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