Garage Door Lock Replacement
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Garage Door Lock Replacement

Keyed cylinder locks secure garage doors that are not operated by a garage door opener. Usually mounted in the center of the garage door, they have bars that enter into door tracks on the interior of the garage door. Through normal use, these locks will weaken and need replacement. It is not a long job but if you are unsure, hire a professional to help. Read on to learn how to replace your garage door lock.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Shut the door of the garage with two vice grips. Place them on the door track above the door roller and then make sure the vices are locked on the track.
  2. Take the pin and remove it from inside the lock handle to the lock shaft in the middle of the door panel. Take a nail and place it over the pin and then grab a hammer and tap the nail until the pin is partly exposed. Then use a pair of pliers to remove the pin from the shaft.
  3. Pull off the inside handle of the shaft and then take the shaft and pull the lock bars. The bars join a plate that goes over the shaft of the lock.
  4. Take a Phillips head screwdriver, and disconnect the deadbolt lock about the shaft by the removal of the four securing screws.
  5. With the same screwdriver remove the two screws securing the outside lock. Pull the lock assembly out the door on the outside.
  6. Get a friend to slide the new outer door lock assembly through the door and hold it steady, You can then secure the lock from the inside with the two aforementioned retaining screws.
  7. Take the new deadbolt lock and place it on the door. Extending through the door is a thin bar from the outer door handle. Position the bar inside the back of the deadbolt and then attach the deadbolt to the door with the four retaining screws.
  8. Take the lock bar and position it through the lock bar guides on each side of the door. Then take the lock bar plate and place it over the lock shaft.
  9. Take the new inner lock handle on the shaft and line up the hole for the retaining pin on the handle and shaft.
  10. Insert the retaining pin into the handle and gently tap the pin with the hammer until the pin is flush with the handle.

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