Fire Damaged House Renovation
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Fire Damaged House Renovation | Procedure | Cost | Prevention

A house fire is one of the most traumatic experiences one can go through. Once you go through the processes of grief and turn your mind to regrouping, you will want to start considering whether your home can be rebuilt. Read more here about the process of renovating a house following a fire. There are vital things to do, incluing judging the extent of the damage and look at factors that may have an impact or the costs of fire damage.

The Impact of Fire On The Renovation process

Every fire is unique and faces different costs and renovation challenges.

Understanding Simple Fires And Complex Fires

  • Simple fires are fueled (usually) by pure fuels and produce a minimum of soot. This means the renovation job should be more simple
  • Complex fires are usually fueled by multiple synthetic materials can produce a freat deal of smoke and soot damage. Clearly, the renovation is more likely to be complicated and expensive

Renovation Procedures Following A Fire

In the aftermath of a fire, call your insurance company when the fire has been fully extinguished. The Insurance Adjuster will visit, take photographic records of the scene before anything has been fixed or moved. Then wait for the damage report and claims to be filed with the home insurance company. Once the insurance company understand the amount of cleaning and fire renovation to be performed, you can then go ahead and hire a construction company – they can then get together a plan of action and costs for your fire renovation. The professional construction company will help to frame the scope of the damage and should set to work on your renovation within 24-48 hours of the fire being extinguished for best results. This also applies to older, even historic housing. In this article, homeowner, Jane Alaimo offers these words: “This whole experience proved that you should never give up on something just because it looks hopeless.” These are wise words because modern renovation techniques can bring homes of all ages and and all materials back to their best following the devastation of a fire.

Factors Impacting Renovation Costs Following A Fire

Here are some of the factors you encounter with renovation costs:

  • The extent of damage done yo your home from both burning and smoke
  • If the fire was extinguiched by hoses there may be greater damage or destruction to walls and roofs
  • If sprinklers were used, damage is usually minimized to walls and roofs
  • If chemicals are used to extinguish a fire they may have caused other damage to the house
  • The temperature of the fire
  • The amount of soot that was generated by the fire
  • What needs to be cleaned, walls, floors, etc.

Prevention Following Renovation

To prevent future fires, these preventative measures may help:

  • Instalaltion of smoke detectors and a sprinkler system
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher
  • Keep combustible vegetation at least 30 feet from the house

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