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Elevator Problems & Solutions 2022

Are you searching Google for “Elevator Problems and Solutions” while looking for the most common elevator problems and solutions to repair your elevator.

There are a lot of reasons that an elevator may begin to malfunction, from old operating systems to worn sheaves. Arizona Elevator Solutions are ready to help you.

There are a variety of equipment failures that can actually be avoided by using the right preventative inspections and maintenance. Regular maintenance doesn’t just enhance productivity with reduced downtime, but it can lower energy use by 15%.

Whenever the elevator begins to breakdown a lot, or it has a longer than average wait time, it can be a sign of wear. Overheating, lower power, and high energy use are not always obvious issues, but it could lead to hidden costs. Implementing simple maintenance practices to the motor of the elevator, the expenses and downtime can be lowered.

Common Elevator Problems & Repair Solutions 

Below are some common elevator problems and solutions on how it can be prevented:

  1. Worn Sheaves Problem

Extra wear is often placed on the ropes by worn sheaves, which causes more wear on the sheaves. This will lead to wear and tear of the components.

Repair Solution: Re-groove The Sheaves

To prevent premature loss of the hoist rope, the sheaves can be regrooved or replaced. You should check the grooves and ensure that there is a proper fit between the ropes and the sheaves. There are some tools available that can be used for checking the sheaves to ensure that they will wear evenly.

  1. Power Failure Problem

When it comes to a commercial elevator, large amounts of power are needed. When the voltage is upgraded, this can affect the motor operation or cause damage to the system. If there has been a history of motor issues, then a power quality survey should be done.

Repair Solution: Infrared Inspection

Using infrared thermography will tell if there are big temperature changes while it targets areas for issues before they cause system failure. The common issues such as over or under voltage can be found using a power quality survey as well as learning which fuses run hot, can be used to detect motor failure before it happens.

  1. Contamination

Once wearing begins, small metal particles will be released into the oil which can cause issues with the functioning of the elevator. Using improper lubrication or having worn seals can cause contamination.

Repair Solution: Oil and Lubrication Analysis

Doing an oil analysis will let you check for contamination or motor wear.

  1. Bearing Malfunctions Or Noisy Bearings

Most motor failures happen because of bearing malfunctions. Noisy bearings are normally caused by motor vibrations. Variable frequency drives can lower motor energy and it can cause mode currents which will damage the elevator by causing elevator vibrations that can be dangerous and cause wear to the bearings which happen from stray currents.

Repair Solution: Inductive Absorbers

A good solution for this is using inductive absorbers, such as CoolBLUE which can absorb the currents while protecting the system from a breakdown. Additionally, you should ensure that the grounds are connected as well as secured to lower issues that are caused by electrical noise from the ground that can cause false counts or trip the system.

  1. Misaligned Motor Drive

Whenever an electric motor is coupled with other equipment, it is important to pay attention to alignment. Improper alignment, the motor bearings will wear.

Repair Solution: Motor alignment

Using advanced laser measures can detect the right alignment or any misalignment. You can also use a straightedge and string.

You could consider purchasing gear machines which have a flange mounted motor that does not need alignment if it is disassembled.

Other Elevator Repair Solutions

Thanks for reading “Elevator Problems and Solutions 2020”. Here are ColoradoElevator Solutions, our team provides elevator repairs and upgrades, elevator maintenance and elevator modernization to elevator customers in various industries. If you live in Arizona, visit Arizona Elevator Solutions for repair work needed.

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