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If you are searching for commercial elevator companies in Denver that provide elevator service, elevator repair, or elevator maintenance, Colorado or sourounding cities, CES can help! Colorado Elevator Solutions is a commercial elevator company that offers professional and affordable commercial elevator service, repair, maintenance, upgrades and modernization in many areas of Colorado including: Lakewood, Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood & Greenwood Village.

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Elevator Repair Denver 

Having elevator problems? Elevator not working? Have our elevator technicians come out to inspect your elevator(s) and diagnose what the problem is. We can quickly determine what type of elevator repair is needed and provide you with a written quote for repair. Maintenance crews and property owners of buildings, municipalities, manufacturing facilities, universities, church organizations and residential apartment buildings have been rely on Colorado Elevator Solutions to provide them with the most quality and affordable elevator repairs.

We can help with the following elevator repairs and replacement services, including:

  • Adjustment to car
  • Equipment and door replacement
  • Replacement of power unit
  • Replacement of hydraulic cylinder
  • Replacement of main valve
  • Replacement of buttons and lighting
  • Elevator upgrades
  • Elevator modernization
  • Repair hydraulic pressure leaks
  • Elevator motor repair and replacement

Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevator provide access to anyone working or visiting low-rise commercial buildings, churches, libraries and schools. Commercial elevators can provide a smooth, worry-free and safe for your visitors or employees. Colorado Elevator Solutions offers commercial elevator design and installation. We also provide elevator service, repair and maintenance to keep your elevators in compliance and running smoothly. Need elevator code upgrades or wishing to modernize your elevator(s)? We can help with that too! CES is your go to elevator company for full-service elevator solutions!

We only hire elevator service experts with high degrees of training and integrity. All technicians employed by CES are members of The International Union of Elevator Constructors (I.U.E.C.). Colorado Elevator Solutions believes that the satisfaction of your commercial building occupants, customers, clients, tenants and residents depends on reliable elevator operation. Our elevator repair & maintenance services are designed to keep your commercial elevators running properly with minimal to no disruption.

Colorado’s Premier Elevator Company

We are Colorado’s premier elevator company! Offering elevators services, repairs on all makes and models for residential and commercial elevators, including modernization’s.

We take pride in our top customer services and our friendly elevator technicians, as well as our business itself in that we take time to do what we do the right way the first time around, meaning that Colorado Elevator Solutions elevator contractors will ensure there will be a minimal downtime when elevator is in need of repair(s), ensuring elevator safety.

The following elevator services are being provided by Colorado Elevator Solutions, in Denver, Arizona:

Elevator Service In Lakewood, Denver, Colorado Springs & More

Colorado Elevator Solutions offer commercial elevator services in many areas of Colorado including:

  • Lakewood, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Aurora, Colorado
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Centennial, Colorado
  • & More

Power Unit Replacement

Upgrading your power unit can be one of the best and easiest upgrades you can perform. Replacing your power unit offers improved ride quality and less down time caused by component failure.

New power units include:

  • Valve Assembly
  • Tank Assembly
  • Dry Pump/Submersible
  • Dry Motor/Submersible
  • Hydraulic oil (Env friendly)

Upgrades To Door Equipment

Failure caused by door equipment is one of the #1 causes for elevator service calls. Due to the development of closed loop door technology, door systems can adjust to the differing pressurization in a building. Door equipment upgrades will be noticed immediately by passengers as they offer a smoother ride, more consistent operation and more efficient door operation and less service calls.

Door equipment upgrades include:

  • Linear and harmonic door operators
  • Quite operation with Neoprene rollers
  • Advances in door technology
  • Mechanical Door Restrictors

Interior Cab Modifications

Colorado Elevator Solutions can make interior cab modifications to your elevator to enhance its appearance. Modifications are easy and quick. Many building owners choose to make cab modifications as part of lobby renovations. Colorado Elevator Solutions offers a variety of ADA elevator fixtures made for your current building control system.

If you are having issues with your elevator or if your elevator is not working correctly or not at all, Colorado Elevator Solutions will gladly get it back in working order for you, simply give us a call and ask about our elevator repair services.

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Elevator Controller & Relay Repair

We provide elevator controller and relay repair. We can repair all 3 different types of elevator controllers including, solid state elevator controllers, relay elevator controllers and PLC elevator controllers.

Learn more about elevator controller & relay repair

Common Elevator Problems & Repair Solutions

According to Renown Electric, the most common elevator problems that leave your elevator not working, include:

  1. Worn Sheaves – The solution is sheave re-grooving or replacement
  2. Power failure – The find the solution you need an infrared inspection
  3. Contamination – To find the solution you need an oil & lubrication analysis
  4. Noisy bearings or bearing malfunction – The solution is using inductive absorbers
  5. Misaligned motor drive – The solution is motor alignment or purchasing geared machines

Elevator Maintenance Denver 

CES is dedicated to providing professional and affordable elevator maintenance. Proper elevator maintenance helps prevent elevator repairs and save you money. We include the following in all of our elevator maintenance agreements:

  • Yearly Hydraulic & Yearly and Five Year Traction Elevator Safety Tests – Required to comply with elevator code requirements
  • Elevator Part Replacements – All electrical and mechanical elevator parts as listed in our elevator maintenance agreement
  • Guaranteed MONTHLY Elevator Service – Our competitors don’t offer this in their standard elevator agreement
  • Monthly Fire Service Test – Required to comply with code requirements
  • 24 Hr elevator phone monitoring is available at no additional charge
  • Elevator repairs –Material & labor covered as listed in our elevator maintenance agreement

In order to avoid elevator breakdowns and the cost of them it pays to have a regular scheduled maintenance plan, which will help in keeping your elevators 100% efficiently working.

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Elevator Inspections Are Required Once A Year

Receiving regular commercial elevator maintenance is the only way to ensure you pass your really elevator inspection. This keeps your commercial elevator compliant with federal and state elevator regulations.

Is Your Elevator Machine Room Up To Code? Not only do your commercial elevators need maintenance but your machine room does too. Part of regular elevator maintenance means ensuring the machine room self closes and locks so that no one can gain access without authorization, has adequate lighting and that the machine room isn’t being used for storage, as that is a fire hazard.

Elevator Maintenance Keeps Your Elevators In Top Working Order!

Elevator maintenance should uncover any issues with your commercial elevator(s), including:

  • Broken pit lights
  • Broken top lights
  • Dirt car tops
  • Debris or water in elevator pit
  • Door reversal device malfunctions
  • Fire recall service malfunctions
  • Emergency lights not working
  • Cable measurements not compliant
  • Missing door restrictors

Benefits Of Elevator Maintenance With Colorado Elevator Solutions

There are many benefits of elevator maintenance with CES including:

  • Guaranteed preventive elevator maintenance monthly
  • Monthly Fire Service Test – Required to comply with monthly elevator code requirements
  • Annual Hydraulic Pressure Relief Safety Test, Annual No Load and Five Year Full Load Elevator Traction tests – Needs to be performed for code requirements.
  • Emergency Response – During regular days/business hours
  • Elevator Replacement Parts – All Mechanical & Electrical parts listed in our service agreement.
  • Elevator Repairs – Labor and material costs covered as listed in our service agreement.
  • Minimize costly downtime of your elevators
  • Minimize costly repairs before they happen
  • Fast response times of our technicians
  • Proper elevator service & maintenance
  • Extend the overall life of your elevators
  • Clear & Open communication
  • Can still help if you are locked in a contract
  • We also provide elevator modernization & upgrades

Elevator Phone Monitoring

Colorado Elevator Solutions offers free 24 hour phone monitoring as part of our regular elevator maintenance packages. We also offer 24 hour support for all makes and models of elevators we service. Our elevator phone service & monitoring offers a direct connect to our call center from your elevator. If you have commercial elevators in your building, a helpful and immediate response is needed when a passenger pushes the call button or picks up the emergency phone.

If you have an elevator phone already, we can program it to call our emergency customer service line which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our representatives are here to answer your questions and(or) dispatch emergency elevator technicians.

Learn more about elevator phone monitoring

Elevator Upgrades Denver

The following is a list of elevator upgrades we provide:

  • Solid state motor starters
  • Infrared door detectors
  • Emergency lights & cab fan upgrades
  • Hydraulic valve upgrades
  • Hydraulic cylinder replacements
  • Elevator fixture upgrades
  • Door equipment upgrades
  • Hydraulic pump unit upgrades
  • Phase I & II fire service upgrades

Learn more about elevator code upgrades

Code Required Elevator Upgrades

Did you receive a corrections report from the elevator code enforcement authorities or are looking to upgrade your elevators? If so you are going to need work performed on your elevators to meet all code requirements. Call Colorado Elevator Solutions to receive a competitive quote.

ADA & Fire Service Elevator Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade your elevators to keep current with ADA Standards (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Fire Service Standards, contact Colorado Elevator Solutions to receive a competitive quote.

Hydraulic Cylinder & Oil Line Replacements

When you have to replace a single bottom cylinder with an double bottom upgraded cylinder, need a replacement cylinder, or have an oil line that has ruptured, give Colorado Elevator Solutions a call to receive a competitive quote.

Miscellaneous Elevator Upgrades

Whether your commercial elevator has a key switch that’s broken, or you need more involved upgrades such as fixtures, hydraulic valves or full door equipment renovations, Colorado Elevator Solutions can provide affordable repair and upgrade solutions to all of your elevator needs.

Elevator Modernization Denver

Elevator modernization is something that should be considered if you have an older elevator or you have an elevator that is not up to current code requirements.

Learn more about elevator modernization

Commercial Elevator Design & Installation

Have you been giving thought to installing a new (or) newer elevator or do you just want to replace your older elevator altogether? We have the elevator installation services here at Colorado Elevator Solutions to assist you with that.

Learn more about elevator installation

Elevator FAQ

Read our most frequently asked questions about our commercial elevator services:

How Much Does Elevator Repair Cost in Denver?

The average cost of elevator repairs is about $370. Costs ranged from $120-$2,000 in 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Learn more about elevator repair costs. *These are not the actual prices of Colorado Elevator Solutions. These are national average costs.

  • Motor Replacement: $12,000
  • Piston gripper installation: $15,500
  • Replace controller wiring: $4,500
  • Cab Wiring: $4,500
  • Cab operating Panels: $4,500
  • Traveling Cables: $3,500
  • Piston: $3,500
  • Replace landing entrance doors: $3,000
  • Door hardware (Mechanical): $1,500
  • Door Hardware (electrical): $1,000

How Much Does Elevator Maintenance Cost in Denver?

The average cost of elevator maintenance is about $270 a year. Costs ranged from $220 – $320 a year for a semi-annual to annual elevator maintenance contract. Learn more about elevator maintenance costs.

How Much Does An Elevator Service Call Cost?

The average cost of an elevator service call is about $150.

Learn more about the cost of elevator maintenance, repair and modernization costs here.

Looking For A Commercial Elevator Company In Denver, Colorado?

Colorado Elevator Solutions can help with Elevator maintenance, modernization, upgrades and repair in Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, Colorado and more.

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