Preventing Commercial Burglary
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Preventing Commercial Burglary

Preventing commercial burglary can be pretty simple such as checking doors or doing safety and risk assessments on apartments, offices, industrial property or commercial properties.

Commercial Building Security Measures

There are some prevention tips that you can use to stop thieves and criminals. Do a walkthrough of your commercial location to identify potential weak points in your security.

Secure all potential entrances:

  • Roofs: You want to protect and conceal access ladders to the roof. Other ways that a criminal can get on your roof are drain pipes, antenna towers, adjoining roofs, and tree limbs.
  • Doors: Solid wood or metal reinforced doors need to be used. Exterior glass doors need to be made from laminated glass or strong glass to provide more strength. You need to have a deadbolt to be used with minimum keys available and you need to use non-duplicated keys or digital access controls to keep reproductions from happening.
  • Windows: just like a glass door, a window should be made from strong glass or laminate glass for strength. Window treatments can also be used to prevent smash and grabs.
  • Any opening that may be used as an entrance: be sure to secure crawl spaces, attics, air ducts, skylights and other areas that are shared by other businesses.
  • Security Doors & Shutters: The entrances, dock doors, and windows of your building are access points.  By installing security shutters on your windows and in front of glass doors you improve your building’s security.  Dock doors can also be fitted with locks so they cannot be lifted easily.

Put the Spotlight on Burglars and Thieves:

Adding good light can help to add protection. Criminals will normally search for hidden and dark areas to enter into a property. You can add lighting that will stay on all night or add motion-activated lights near entrances like the access ladder, doors, windows, and roof. If you can see inside of your property after business hours, then use low watt lights inside.

Maintain your shrubbery:

If the tree canopies are too low or if bushes are too high, then a criminal can hide behind them. Motion-activated lights won’t register the movement. Shrubs that have prickly branches and leaves can add some protection.


Adding fencing can be the first defense for theft prevention. You need to ensure that the fence is strong enough and tall enough to keep criminals out. You also need to keep the fence in good shape. Quickly repair holes under or around the fence.

Consider hiring trained security guards:

Security guards can patrol the property and look for suspicious behavior. It is vital that your security guard watch all entrances. Having a remote security guard can do the same thing using outdoor cameras. Having the right type of protection in place, a virtual or on-site security guard can call local police if the situation gets worse.

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